Rohit Mariwalla

Pure CBD Health was founded by Rohit in 2019 with the goal to provide clean, pure and ethically sourced, verifiable CBD to the wider public, with 3 core values at the centre of the company’s ethos – honesty, transparency & quality.

Rohan Mariwalla

Rohan’s keen interest in business and sustainable design made him the perfect fit for joining his older brother Rohit at Pure CBD Health.

Pam Vick

Pam has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and advertising, including corporate positions as European Group Account Director at Leo Burnett Advertising.

Himanshu Dayal

4 years of sales and marketing experience specialised in digital automation strategies. Launched multiple online businesses and E-commerce platforms.

Akansh Moti Ahuja

Akansh offers a unique blend of marketing,sales, and customer management experience across B2B and B2C in E-Commerce, Real Estate, SaaS, Banking, and Hospitality.

Olivia Stanton

Following an extensive career in Recruitment and Executive Administration Olivia took a break to focus on her family, she has now joined Pure CBD Health to be the Team Manager and Head of Administration and is on hand to help with anything and everything.