CBD as Food Supplement

Anuj Wadhwa

Dec 29, 2020

Our food supply is corrupted. Vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. all are compromised in the quality of their nutrition if we compare it to a century ago.

Our air is no more nourishing and our water is depleted of minerals.

We are not getting the nourishment our bodies deserve and add to that stress and anxiety of being a twenty-first-century human. It becomes imperative for us to consume supplements to ensure we get all the essential Vitamins and Minerals that we need to keep us alive and thriving, ready to take on life.

Now comes the greatest challenge. Which supplement to consume? Is Fish oil the answer or maybe you read an article that claimed the importance of Vitamin B12 for energy levels.

It is all so darn confusing!

Worry not, nature has the answer for you. And it is SIMPLE!

Humans are lately all about isolating compounds to sell to you ONE particular element as the wonderful solution.

That is not how it works in nature, where everything that is offered is a synergistic effect of many different vitamins and minerals in particular combinations as optimal ratios that are ideal for our body.

Consuming supplements that isolate a particular vitamin or a mineral does pose a threat of imbalances by getting too much of one thing and less of another.

Science is catching up and until it does, let us put our trust in nature, for once!

That is why Pure CBD Health brings to you Broad Spectrum CBD Food Supplement that contains the exact ratio of all the cannabinoids found in nature, as is!

It contains all the naturally occurring fatty acids, proteins, terpenes, and flavonoids which is a holistic way of nourishing our system without hunting for these elements from different sources of supplements.

Another key highlight of the nutrient profile of our CBD Food Supplement is MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) which is good fat and is easily absorbed by our system due to shorter chains of fats.

Although most articles on the internet recommend adding CBD Oil to your juices, smoothies, we would recommend you to add it to your tea, coffee, soups, or any other hot beverage.

Adding the oil in colder drinks can reduce the chance of it being properly absorbed in the body as cold oil can get clogged in the system. There is no scientific study to prove this but it is mentioned in the Ancient Texts of Ayurveda, to consume any oils/buttery substances with warm carriers.

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