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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD work?
It works if you make it work. Any supplement or solution works if you know how it works. Nurture your belief in the product and stay consistent. We recommend you visit our learning section to know more about CBD.
How CBD makes you feel?
CBD does NOT have any psychoactive effects. So do not expect a big difference in how you feel. But over a period of time with consistent use, you might feel more centered and balanced.
How does CBD work?
CBD works on optimising the Endocannibinoid System. This is the system in your body responsible for maintaining balance of all functions aka Homeostasis
What about rogue or poor quality CBD products?
They are all around you and you need to be concerned. So make sure you know how to read a lab report and only trust third party reports, not the claims of the brand itself.
What are the side effects of CBD?
If you are within the recommended dosage limit, do not worry about any serious side effects as our product is as pure as it gets!
Is CBD Oil addictive?
CBD Oil is being researched, thus, a lot is still to be found. However, at large, no serious addictive tendencies have been reported amongst users.

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