CBD Is Now Allowed For Olympic Athletes In 2020

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Aug 26, 2020

CBD Is Now Allowed For Olympic Athletes In 2020

In 2018 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) officially announced that CBD had been removed from its list of banned substances. While a huge victory for CBD companies worldwide, this change of WADA policy proves most beneficial for Olympic athletes.

The change in WADA policy comes as a result of an evolving sports industry and wider cultural attitude towards cannabis products. All over the world countries are beginning to embrace CBD for its natural benefits and restorative effects. Gold Medalists as big as Michael Phelps, for example, are speaking out in support of its soothing properties. Entire Olympic Teams, like the US women’s Triathlon team, are signing sponsorship deals with CBD companies. Sporting legends as venerated as Tiger Woods are even launching their own CBD products, claiming that without CBD their phenomenal careers would not have been the same.

The sports industry is evolving, but it’s about time it did.

When we look at science and the nature of drugs that are banned from the Olympics, i.e. “performance-enhancing drugs”, CBD never belonged in that category to begin with. However, much of our population knows little about CBD. Many still associate it with marijuana and believe it has strong psychoactive properties. Confusing CBD with THC is still extremely common, which is why the introduction of CBD into the realm of legal sporting substances is sure to have raised some eyebrows. However, THC and CBD are completely different cannabinoids, or parts, of the cannabis plant. Put simply, CBD is not and never has been responsible for the “high” people associate to Cannabis products or Marijuana. Instead, CBD products have a long history of supporting healthy lifestyles and post work-out recovery. You can learn more about the difference between THC and CBD over here https://purecbdhealth.com/what-are-the-differences-between-thc-and-cbd/.

A win for all

The beginning of a friendly relationship between WADA and CBD is a huge victory for all athletes. For Olympic athletes, it means not having to turn to prescription or traditional medicine every time they are in pain or discomfort. It also means having an organic, natural and non-addictive way to restore the body after a painstaking work out or event. With the ever-increasing pool of athletes succumbing to brain damage and dependency due to traditional painkillers, WADA, coaches, and athletes worldwide hope the introduction of CBD will support a healthier and more ethical sporting industry. What’s more is that these trends will trickle down to athletes at all levels. The average gym-goer or college club rugby player will no longer shy away from the use of CBD in fear of illegality. With the widespread use of CBD in the 2020 Olympics the taboo around the natural substance will lose its farcical foundation. And this, like we said, is a victory for all athletes.

There are still some restrictions

While CBD has been removed from WADA’s list of banned substances, THC has not. This means that athletes must ensure that the CBD product they use does not contain more than 0.3% THC. While this isn’t always easy to guarantee in countries or states where marijuana and THC are legal, in the UK this qualification is a given. If you choose a CBD oil from a company like Pure CBD Health, you can always be assured that the oil you are consuming does not contain more than 0.3% THC, and therefore will have no psychoactive effect on you that elicits a “high”. The benefits of our broad-spectrum CBD oil are restricted to supporting healthy lifestyles and personal wellness. Use Pure CBD Health to stimulate much-needed restfulness, slumber, and restoration after a hard day at the gym or on the field. 

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