What are Terpenes and why do they matter?

Anuj Wadhwa

Mar 8, 2021

Ever wondered what is behind the uplifting feeling that you experience upon smelling the aromas when you peel an orange? The calming effect of the aroma that lavender gives out? Or the strong smell you relate with Cannabis?

Most of the aromas found in plants are caused by a combination of Terpenes.

This fancy sounding term, Terpenes is something we come across everyday in our lives. It is present in most flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Cannabis Plants happen to be quite abundant in them. That is why when you cross a Cannabis field, it is hard not to notice it!

They have a crucial role to play in the survival of plants as they protect the plants from being devoured by animals or infested by infectious germs. They also attract insects responsible for pollination.

Interestingly, Terpenes are also found in some animals, like the wool wax, fish scales, fish liver oil and many more typical smells that you must have come across in the animal kingdom.

It is worthy to note that although some people refer to terpenes as terpenoids, they are not the same. Terpenes are what is found in plants and animals in their natural state whereas Terpenoids are an oxidized form of Terpenes that happens when a plant like Cannabis, is cured and aged in its production process.

Terpenes in CBD Oil

Terpenes are the aromatic non-psychoactive compounds in Cannabis that create the intense earthy flavour and smell in good quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oils.

The smell of nature, in that earthy flavour, is so rare in our foods considering most foods now have so many artificial flavour enhancements that we have forgotten what a freshly plucked carrot full of soil tastes like.

Earth has its own flavour which we don’t get to taste or smell anymore. Remember the smell of mud on a rainy day?

Imagine treating your senses and your body with this intense earthy aroma and taste everyday by consuming good quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. Note, CBD Oil Isolate will not give you this benefit of Terpenoids as Isolate CBD Oil is stripped off the Entourage Effect that pure and authentic CBD Oil can offer.

The profile of Terpenes will differ greatly depending on different cultivars and the purpose of growing. Hemp grown to produce CBD Oil will have a different profile when compared to growing with the purpose of cultivating Cannabis.

The cannabis plant has more than 200 different terpenes, which is a much higher concentration than most other plants.

One of many reasons that CBD Oil can have an unprecedented positive impact on the body.

Here are some of the Terpenes present in Cannabis :

Myrcene Terpene : Also found in Mangoes, it is one of the primary terpenes in cannabis plants. It has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Limonene – As the name suggests, it is commonly found in citrus fruits. It is the second most abundant terpene found in Cannabis Plants. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Pinene – Again, the name indicates clearly that it is also abundantly found in Pine Trees. It is a strong bronchodilator. It is the most widely encountered terpene in nature.

Linalool – It is found in Lavender. It helps in managing anxiety.

Humulene – It is found in Hops, Cloves and Basil. It helps in keeping appetite in control and promoting good sleep.

Caryophyllene – It is found in black pepper and cinnamon. It has a spicy, woody and peppery aroma. It helps in managing anxiety and depression. It is the only non-cannabinoid found to activate the CB2 receptors in our Endocannabinoid System.

Bisabolol – It is found in Chamomile, Honey and Apples. It helps in maintaining skin quality.

What Role do Terpenes play?

Terpenes are bioactive, meaning that they are easily absorbed and accepted by the body. They interact with the receptors in our brain and aid in balancing the production of crucial neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

They have a positive impact on our mood, making us feel better and happier.

Not only do they have the ability to get absorbed themselves efficiently into the human system, they help the cannabinoids in the CBD Oil to get absorbed in the system. This is one of the ways the Entourage Effect comes into play!


Terpenes add a serious punch to your CBD oil. They give you the added boost of benefits that CBD Oil has to offer. So make sure to choose CBD Oil with the Terpenes present.

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