What is HempCAP?

Pure Health

Aug 26, 2020

HempCAP is a revolutionary product, recently available for purchase in the UK. HempCAP has been meticulously scrutinised and developed by Plantine making use of innovative processes, research and careful incremental reformulations – ensuring superior bioavailability when compared to standard cannabidiol.

But what exactly does this mean? What makes it so much better than other CBD products on the market? HempCAP is a carefully-guarded formula of cannabidiol micro-encapsulated in a thin layer of protein – providing a broad-spectrum, water-soluble, taste and aroma free CBD powder with a proven high bio-availability. This means that this cannabidiol powder consists purely of the organic hemp extract oil and clean vegetable protein; sustainably farmed, gently harvested and extracted using the cleanest methods in the industry.

HempCAPTM has a laboratory- tested proven bioavailability of 92%. The trademarked formulation is absorbed into the bloodstream 52 times more than baseline cannabidiol products, consolidating this innovation as the future of CBD. There is a considerable increase in delivering the benefits of various hemp-derived compounds, extracts and phytocannabinoids. What is even more impressive is that HempCAP allows lower dosages of hemp extract oil to be used with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Its unique manufacturing process ensures no taste or aroma, making HempCAP ideal for mixing, combining and creating a wide variety of CBD-infused food products.

At Pure CBD Health, we know that HempCAP is an amazing development in the cannabidiol market, and we are now making moves to incorporate it into new products for our customers. We believe in pure cannabidiol products being made readily available in the UK and around the globe at affordable prices, meaning that new Pure CBD Health products containing HempCAP will always be affordable and of the highest quality in the industry.

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