How CBD Can Deepen Your Meditation Practice

Anuj Wadhwa

Dec 28, 2020

Sitting and doing nothing is becoming a popular productivity hack. It sounds simple but it is also, a habit that seems to be the toughest to adopt. 

It is not surprising that all the high achievers we know out there, in any field, cherish their meditation routine to allow space for their thoughts and feelings to exist with no external noise or distraction. 

With smartphones dominating our being, meditation offers a mini digital detox in our daily lives. Unless you are prone to gazing at your phone in the middle of your meditation just to make sure you haven’t had an important call.

Before we dive into how CBD oil benefits in deepening your meditation practice, let us first understand what REAL meditation is, and more importantly, what it IS NOT. For that, let’s explore the origins of Meditation.

It has been popularised by the Vedic philosophies of the east. Even Buddhist traditions have roots in Vedic traditions. 


This is an image of a seal found while excavating the ancient Indus Valley Civilization that existed before 2000 BCE.

According to archaeologists, it shows the image of a woman in a seated pose which is called Siddhasana in the language of authentic yoga.

There are numerous other ancient findings that are a testament to the fact that our friends from the past had a deep understanding of the body, mind, and beyond. They had numerous techniques to their disposal that they used to live in a way that keeps us in an optimal state of being. The yogic scriptures recommend an 8-step path to achieve the highest state of Yoga i.e. a state of our full expression. 


So the science of Yoga was passed on through generations with these steps involved, which must be followed in order i.e. a set gradient of proceeding in one’s practice.

Now having an understanding of the true basics of the philosophy of yoga, we can explore what meditation IS NOT. Meditation IS NOT merely sitting in a lotus pose every morning, thinking about all the things unrelated to the practice, because the basic steps of yoga are not incorporated. Most of us, in the rush of pursuing the highest level, start the practice of meditation straight away due to ‘lack of time’ or ‘having a rough idea of what the basics are and believing that must be in place’.

The first 2 steps, for example, talk about how we need to observe a lifestyle of discipline, with respect to our sleep and wake timings, clean source of nutrition, study the basic theory, and MUCH MUCH more. 

Before these 2 steps find a foundation in one’s routine in some form or other, one is not ready to proceed to the third and fourth step i.e. the physical postures and breathwork.

It is not advisable to perform complex breathing exercises and poses if you have the remains of a greasy burger that you had for dinner one night before. Such a situation would backfire and one would not see the benefits of the practice, instead, it could backfire!

The first 2 steps are THE most overlooked aspects of Yoga, if ignored, are a sure path to failure in higher pursuits like meditation and beyond. 

Meditation is step number 7 ie Dhyaan which equates to the ability to have fiery levels of concentration on a particular subject or a goal. More often than not, the breath is the point of focus. 

Sounds simple right? Sitting and concentrating on your breath is meditation?

Well, it’s simple if you follow the eight steps.

Your daily routine needs to be optimized to be able to consistently perform poses and breathwork practice with prescribed protocols. This allows your body to sit for long periods of time comfortably in meditation. 

If you don’t follow the steps involved and plan to jump into the practice of meditation, you might achieve the ideal level of focus but it most likely will be your back pain or gastric troubles in your gut.

Now let’s explore then what is a realistic strategy to approach the subject of meditation, given complex lives and fast-paced days? 

Well, the solution is to focus on getting one’s lifestyle in some form of structure, to whatever extent possible given the circumstances.

While that is happening, it is best to study more about the philosophy of the eight steps in depth while keeping the practice of actual meditation REALLY short and achievable, maybe 5 minutes. 

Keeping it short will help the untrained body and mind to prioritize quality and quantity and actually, achieve the benefits of real meditation.

Along with all of this, CBD oil comes to the rescue. Given the massive number of stressful elements in our environment and the high level of pollutants in our food, air, and water, we need a herbal supplement to give us a boost at a physical and mental level to deal with the chaotic surroundings.


CBD oil can support in maintaining a cleaner gut and keeping any problems at bay to counteract the lifestyle fallacies to some extent, that are beyond our control.

CBD oil can also play a role in leveling the mind and helping us build momentum when we get into our short meditations, to really make the most out of our short bouts of 5-minute

meditations.CBD Oil allows us to focus on our poses and awareness of body position and helps achieve a more relaxed and focused mind.

How do we use CBD to deepen our meditation practice? Well, click here to know more about how to consume CBD properly, take it a few minutes before you plan to meditate and that’s it! 

If you have any further questions about the role CBD oil can play in your wellness pursuits, feel free to get in touch with our team!

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